• farm fresh ingredients
  • no fillers or fractions
  • protein rich recipes

What you feed your pet is important to their health, happiness, and well-being. We've created Under the Sun® pet food that's deliciously nutritious—you'll appreciate the quality ingredients, and your pets will love how good it tastes! We start with a protein rich base of pork meal—which has more protein than chicken or lamb. Then we add farm-raised chicken or lamb, or delicious fresh-caught salmon for great taste and a bountiful harvest of farm-fresh fruits and veggies. You can find our Under The Sun® pet foods in Grain Free or Original Recipes for dogs, and all Grain Free recipes for cats. They're available in a variety of Adult formulas, as well as Puppy or Kitten, Weight Management for dogs, Indoor Kitten & Cat for all ages, and a Senior formula for cats. Try our delicious canned formulas too! We’ve included lots of good things grown under the sun in our dog and cat foods to provide your pet with all the great-tasting nutrition they deserve!